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An Amazing 2019 Warrior Basketball Season


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Socorro County

Socorro CountySocorro County


KYRN 102.1FM

Broadcasting begins in the New Year 2019!

In Memoriam of

Bill Pace's K5MXQ effort to return local radio to Socorro!

Silent key Bill Pace K5MXQ and his wife Cynthia who passed during the struggle to bring local radio back.  'Goodnight Irene'Silent key Bill Pace K5MXQ and his wife Cynthia who passed during the struggle to bring local radio back. 'Goodnight Irene'


Ranger Rhys


White Collar Crime harms Socorro once again ten years later

Christopher Devine

2009 Silent

Steven L. Edmondson

2019 Silent

Steven L. Edmondson the fraudulent seller of KYRN  Mine Country 102.1FM now full time Athletic Director at Emmaus Bible College robs Socorro of its local radio station steals purchase funds, falsifies federal documents twice and destroys Bill Pace's effort from 2009 to 2012 to bring local radio back. 

Edmondson's Fraud robs Socorro of local Radio StationEdmondson's Fraud robs Socorro of local Radio Station

Welcome to the Ranch House!

formerly Socorro's KYRN 102.1FM

Great Western Country Music


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Socorro Warrior Basketball Season live on RGVR with Kenny G.!


Watch Socorro Warrior Sports Here!!



Rio Grande Valley Radio is live video streaming

Warrior Athletics this sport season with veterans Kenny G. and Ranger Rhys! 

Advertise on RGVR during the games for

Socorro Warrior Basketball 2018-2019 Season!

Take Notice and Get Notice reaching an audience

over 10,000 in our first live video Warrior streaming season!

New Restaurant, Bar and Hospitality Packages available to draw a crowd to your business for exciting Warrior Sports Action!

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 Reach an Audience!

Kyle Martin with his 'West Rock' is blazing new trails in music from his home in New Mexico! This high energy song from Kyle Martin's third album 'Broke Down' highlights his amazing talent and style which is all Kyle! Growing up in Socorro with his radioactive and alien influences,

Kyle is the genuine Atomic Cowboy!