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Video Commercial

to be played during the Warrior Football Games

This 2018-2019 Season


Warrior Athletics with Kenny G. on Rio Grande Valley Radio!

Be a sponsor of something exciting happening this coming Fall on Rio Grande Valley Radio--ONLINE and let your current and future customers know your business is a LOCAL WARRIOR SPORTS FAN!

Kenny G. and I will be covering football, basketball, soccer, wrestling and bring it to our fans this coming academic year!     

Currently taking orders for pre-game, game and post game 30 sec and 60 sec video ads to be shown during the 2018-2019 Warrior Athletic events.  First streamed Basketball Game is Away on December 20th!

Advertising Package Pricing

  • 10 Games -A 30 second 1-slide ad during each game $225
  • 10 Games -A 30 second 5-slides ad during each game $450
  • 10 Games -A 60 second 10 slides ad during each game  $675
  • $5 Shout outs during game available
  • $35 30 second 1 slide ad during a game
  • $50 30 second <5 slides ad during a game
  • $75 60 second ad <10 slides or video during a game
  • Sponsor Promotion during Warrior Sports Shows
  • PayPal Invoicing Available!
  • All Major Credit Cards Accepted!
30 sec 1-slide ads
30 sec Ad upto 5 slides
Warrior Sports Advertising
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 I can also help your hospitality business host live Warrior Sports on your big screen TV's!  Give us a call to learn about install and setup for your business to watch Warrior sports and combine it with in-game advertising for a real bargain!

Limited ad spaces per game are filling up so contact us today to schedule an appointment to learn how your business can become apart of this exciting Warrior season and become visible to the community as a proud sponsor of Warrior Athletics programs on RGVR reaching audiences across the nation and globe on the internet!  



Public Notice: Socorro Community Radio LLC (SCR) was defunct and in bad standing with the New Mexico Secretary of State in February of 2018.  Steven L. Edmondson fraudulenty assumed ownership of the SCR 12/31/13 from the sole members recent widow Tamara Pace.   Edmondson placed the station up for sale 04/27/17 and refused to act with integrity toward the sales agreement he entered in to with Green Lion Media and transfer the license within 45 days of an intent to sell.   His new registered agent is perceived to be supporting and perpetuating Edmondson's fraud. The Socorro KYRN 102.1FM radio station is still waiting a December 17th 2018 vacated trial to be rescheduled. 



Edmondson collected over $5800 in ads and trades before placing the station for sale and leaving the state for a full-time job in Iowa. He sold the Radio Station and delivery cost to Green Lion Media LLC, (GLM) on May 8th, 2017 when continual equipment failures, low profits and a new Athletic Directors job at Emmaus Bible College in Iowa motivated him to sell the station quickly.  Edmondson then when failing to extort additional money above the full station sale price March 6th 2018 and disregard FCC advice received February 27th 2018 to transfer the license quickly, falsified federal documents to take the station off-air once the sales he sold and collected on were delivered in their entirety on March 18th 2018 by GLM.  Edmondson, Funkhouser or Marquez are in NO WAY associated with Green Lion Media LLC and we will not honor any advertisement sales or trades made by those representing themselves as SCR LLC, KYRN, Mine Country 102.1FM or the individuals named herein upon conclusion of the future trial.  GLM advises caution when dealing with them.


Thank you Green Lion Media LLC CEO Mr. Janca