Mine Country 102.1FM and the Fraud that cost Socorro it's local radio station once again!

It is an interesting state of affairs, when Tamara Pace who was paid 3% of the profits for 3 years received only $1500 in total for Socorro Community Radio LLC without transferring the KYRN license to Steven L. Edmondson.  Only the LLC was sold by Bill Pace's heir to Edmondson. Socorro Community Radio LLC under Edmondson's leadership 2014 through 2017 only made $16,667 in profit annually by Edmondson's own verbal account to Tamara who when asked for a documented accounting of the profits from Steven, was told to accept his verbal accounting as actual and factual.   As one potential buyer said why would he pay Edmondson's asking price to him when he would only earn a $10 hr job and as Michael Olguin who original bought the station and moved to Socorro only earned $12,000 in his first year.

  Yet, even Edmondson who documented and complained in 2016 that he only made $10,000 in profit that year when he had made a written and signed agreement to sell the station for $40,000 to Green Lion Media LLC then chose to act in a fraudulent manner.  After being asked in August 2017 to begin the license transfer request process required after 45 days of an intent to sell which would transfer the music license responsibility, he refused and each month demanded more to fulfill his legal licensee requirement.  Finally, Green Lion Media contacted the FCC when with the radio stations full sale price in escrow, Edmondson refused yet again to fill the transfer request.  The FCC advised both parties to the sale to cooperate and file the transfer with the FCC which must be completed before the transaction is complete.  Steven L. Edmondson again chose to attempt to extort an extra $5000 above the agreed sale price to file the license transfer agreed upon in the sale or take the station off-air on March 6th 2018 while the station was still broadcasting.  When Green Lion Media refused his extortion instead of filing the transfer request as required he falsifies 2 federal forms and destroys Socorro's only local radio station because he can't behave with integrity towards an agreement he entered in to.  Despite the pretense of trying to get the station back on-air, he has made no legitimate attempts to return to broadcasting or to comply with FCC license requirements being unable to travel to Socorro or devote his time to compliance given his full-time employment with Emmaus Bible College in Iowa.