Mine Country KYRN 102.1FM Sold May 8th 2017

Posted 7/3/2020

Socorro Community Radio LLC. dba Socorro Radio owner Edmondson doesn't argue in word and deed that he remains in breach of the contract for entering a contract to sell the station and intentionally failing to do so resulting in extensive financial damages to Green  Lion Media who purchased the station and assumed control to keep it on-air delivering ads sold and collected by Edmondson through March 18,2018 prior to accepting the full-time position at Emmaus Bible College.   Edmondson continues to profit from his fraud entering an agreement to sell the station on May 8th 2017 accepting payment and agreeing to honor that sale in writing if a better offer did not present itself before he had to relocate his family to Iowa to assume a full-time position with Emmaus Bible College as a coach on July 10th 2017 after attending a week long out state Christian retreat  the week of July 3rd.  July 4th 2017, Station Manager and DJ Reese Janca interviewed The Cowboy Way trio and began our inherited obligation to fulfill Edmondson's trade agreement with NM Tech and deliver ads sold.


The documented evidence provided by Edmondson indicates May 8th agreement is the sale of KYRN 102.1FM, the June 16th Finance agreement for a maximum 2 year period ending July 2019 was not due in full until July 2019 and full station payment was tendered in 7 months. 


July 13th Edmondson acknowledges selling the station.July 13th Edmondson acknowledges selling the station.

 In December 2017,   when the fraudulent and frivolous lawsuit filed by Edmondson by the breaching party who  further wrongfully damaged GLM LLC. who had been asking the other party to file the license transfer and conclude the sale as agreed, from September 2017 and refusing $30k in October 2017 when the FCC Home Studio rule changed.   In February 2018, the full price 1 year price being received by Edmondson in court escrow on February 14, 2018 who then affirmatively breach the contract on March 6th 2019 when refusing once again to fulfill his obligation of sale to transfer the license and falsified FCC documents to take the station off-air after being advised in the 7th Judicial District that the local court had not jurisdiction in taking the station off-air.  Edmondson today in writing without compensating Green Lion Media in any fashion for his fraudulent behavior vows he will never ever transfer the license as sold.  Green Lion Media continues its claim for damages and specific performance as advised by the FCC if Edmondson refused to file the license transfer as required 10 months after intending and accepting payments to transfer the station. Edmondson did not honor sales commitments to clients before leaving to Iowa, Green Lion Media did.  Edmondson is not honoring his sales agreement with Green Lion Media.  Anyone doing business with Edmondson as Socorro Radio orMine Country should be wary and get everything in writing and any phone calls should be recorded.  The domain www.minecountry1021.com, station mailing address and phone numbers remain active and owned by GLM LLC. who purchased the station in 2017.


 Edmondson has publicly professed to the City of Socorro Council after falsifying FCC documents to take the station of the air for the maximum allowable time by law on March 2019 that the October 2017 Home Studio rule change allowed him to resume operation of the station from Iowa which it is operated from to this day.