Wednesday, 4/18

Open Mic at the Cap, 7pm-9pm

Thursday, 4/19

New Loma Theater....the last show of I CAN ONLY IMAGINE at the LOMA on Thursday evening at 7:00pm.

ALL SEATS just $5!!


Friday, 4/20

Macey Center PAS Show: State Street Ballet's "Cinderella"7:30pm

New Loma Theater....the charming romantic comedy LOVE,SIMON...shows at 7:00pm

Capital Bar Happy hour with Johnny Dean, 5pm-7pm

Bodega - Ben and Val, 6:30pm-9pm

Sourdough Mine -Tom & Joanne Fenton, 7pm-9pm


Saturday, 4/21

Steve Martha & Jim at Socorro Springs, 7-9
Romano Enrique, at Sofia's Kitchen, 6-8
Open Mic at M Mountain Coffee, 6-9
Friends of Whitfield Fundraiser, featuring Ten Cats Laughing & Easily Distracted, Europa Coffeehouse, Los Lunas, 3:30-6:00

Sunday, 4/22
Jen Exten at Sofia's Kitchen, 11 am - 2 pm
Roon, Jeanne & Bill and Last Minute Trio at Sourdough Mine, 2-5 pm for Earth Day

Monday, 4/23
The next Blue Monday will be 4/30
Ed Pias, Susie Welch & Warren Marts at M Mountain Coffee, 11 am -1 pm