Day 4 Fraud Country --The Socorro Crook Radio KYRN Fraud

Posted 9/12/2019

It is said that with fraud it takes more than 1 person to successfully pull it off.  Given SLE admission in court documents as defense that after 3.5 years operating the station he was ignorant of FCC rules governing the operation of the KYRN station that the recent updates to the files are indeed with assistance.  It is good for the community that the license is being managed more knowledgeably but that the information is false for 2017 3rd and 4th quarter is alarming since the licensee having sold the station and left the community of coverage wouldn't have the information about all the local programming done by Green Lion Media who was controlling and operating the station while trying to get the licensee to comply with Federal Regulations and file the transfer.  One program for KYI during 4th Quarter 2017 was regarding the SunZia project.  Rio Grande Valley Radio will replay that interview as KYI was operating in the 3rd and 4th quarter.  Licensee was not operating the KYRN Radio Station in 3rd and 4th Quarter and was in Iowa since July 1, 2017 after selling the radio station.  See Emmaus Bible College employment records to confirm and court documents filed with the New Mexico 7th Judicial Court District where licensee states his whereabouts and not having control of the station.


Falsified Bulk UpdateFalsified Bulk Update

Station Updated with a Bulk Update on 3-28-18Station Updated with a Bulk Update on 3-28-18