Day 6 Fraud Country --The Socorro Crook Radio KYRN

Posted 9/26/2019

Negotiations Fail as Edmondson continues to reneg on his sale of the station and voluntarily file the license transfer for the sales agreement he accepted and offers no compensation for the injuries he has cause through his fraud and frivolous lawsuit.

"Please be clear on this, the KYRN license will NEVER, EVER be voluntarily transferred to you by me."  Edmondson September 23rd 2019 bold lettering is Edmondson's after being asked repeatedly to file the transfer and enter negotiations to begin an honest path to restoring his integrity.


Of course RGVR's negotiation request were twofold and simple

* All negotiations must be in writing no phone calls for obvious reasons.

* The transfer must be filed with the FCC to enter negotiations.

Once the transfer is filed with the FCC, then negotiations on non-payment of KYRN operations cost for 10 months and payments for unpaid bills by SCR can be addressed, loss of income for two years going on three this November and all other damages can then be negotiated.


Given our offer since September 2017 continues to be no more money until you honor the sale and file the transfer we hold our ground and since he refused the $4k above sale price to file the transfer quickly on January 22nd 2018 and has continued his fraudulent and frivilous lawsuit for "seller's remorse" cost Green Lion Media more than 6x the sale price of the station, all negotiations begin with filing the FCC transfer which should have been done in August of 2017 at the latest. 


 Tamara Pace contacted us through a friend on December 1st 2017, sending us a load of T-shirts printed out before Steve took over.  She figured with the live promotions and work we were doing for the station GLM could use them and let us know how to get more of them.  She made contact with GLM and told the whole story and we had some good laughs about her vacations and zip lines when the truth about the station came forward and how she was treated but I never claimed to be a Christian or praying about it but we did do a tribute to Bill and learned somethings about the stations history.  


 In Memoriam

Carrying on Bill Pace K5MXQ and Virgil Vigil's dream for a Socorro Community Radio Station in the Free-State of Socorro! 

"If there is the one most important thing for community service down there, it's high school sports, also, being able to provide services in the event of emergency, or to cover special situations."

El Defensor Chieftain 7/24/2010

Bill Pace 63


6/29/1950 to 1/27/2013


Cynthia Pace

Wife of 36 years

1/04/1955 to 12/27/2010


Virgil Vigil 76

KMXQ Station Manager

6/29/1936 to 1/16/2013