Sensationalism versus Journalism

Posted 9/30/2018

My perception

Ranger Rhys


Sensationalism is quick dirty and easy to grab if you just know the buttons to push, the moments to over exaggerate, the passage of time to ignore where all you seek to do like Kipling's monkeys is make noise, throw fruit and just shake tree branches to get Mowgli's attention. It doesn't take time just splashing water and mud in order to gain attention, notoriety or fame.


Journalism is related to telling and discovering the human story in the present moment which requires researching time preceding now in years, centuries and often millenniums whose currents shape the current river bed of human culture. It is with a thorough understanding of all times tributaries leading to challenges questioning present moments motivations seeking to redirect human cultures winding path by shifting sentiments, stones and histories weight in earthen banks where ancestral remains are buried that journalist must peer beyond current fervent emotional impulses where disguise and deception abound and find stillness amongst the perceived race of change from which to anchor their vantage point.  It is from such a vantage point they must gaze to horizon's past and horizon's yet to be, discern the symbols, languages, clans, tribes which clamor to control, direct, influence and harness the current of human cultures energies for personal, tribal or global vanity and see within the masses each individual identity a human being and whether the currents will set them free or enslave them for eternity.  It is this that free seeking look to the journalist up in the tree and ask and ask again what do you see?  What does this mean for me?  It is not a question to answer quickly with a sensational stroke because words are quick to be misconstrued and one who sees the world in a wider expanse of time and from the stillness of a present moment sees different than one racing by in a hurry who doesn't know why and only looks for slavery's relief to know who and what to blame that has a different name.


I don't believe in making sensational noise.  I believe in journalism that awakens girls and boys to become free men and women by revealing the path by which we came and interpreting the road signs where we are that each may fully choose their truth and ruse.

 More to follow..