Mi Radio  

Music Schedule

Presently 7am to 10am


Monday:  Traditional and Vintage Country

Tuesday:  Bluegrass, New-grass and Vintage

Wednesday:  Western Country

Wednesday: Doug Figgs Western Music LIVE at 6:30pm

Thursday: Americana, Folk, Stories, Poetry

Friday:  Live Warrior Sports with Kenny G. at 6:45pm


Note: When RGVR is not streaming you will receive a "connection error" when trying to listen to our music player or a streaming application. The error tells you that RGVR is NOT ACTIVELY streaming music or a program at the time you try and connect. 


We are doing our best to start on time and bring you as much great music and shows as we can but we are not 24 hours a day; YET!


Genres may change as holidays and events will influence the focus.  Listener input is always weighed.  I work to make notices of changes here and on our Facebook page



Mi Radio es Su Radio!

Thank You!